Hi there all. There's been a lot of discussion of Thailand's floods on the Thorn Tree already - with great on-the-ground updates from members. I don't want to double up on that, but did just want to link to some handy resources if you're thinking about heading to Thailand - or you're there already. But make sure you search the forum if you've got a specific question about travel to Thailand - chances are someone's asked it (or answered it) already for you!

The English-language newspaper Bangkok Post has been updating on the flood situation.

This Google Crisis Response page has a map with flood updates as well as lots of information and emergency links.

For the Twitter literate, a good BKK flood hash tag is:

Lonely Planet author @CatherineBodry has been tweeting about the floods. Other helpful Twitter accounts: Patrick Winn, Bangkok-based Southeast Asia correspondent for the Global Post: @BKKApologist and Zoe Daniel, ABC correspondent who tweets as @seacorro.

Trendsmap is a good way to get an overview of the trending topics on the floods.

Thai Travel News is also a good resource for traveller updates.